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Google +1 launched 30 June 2011.
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Google 'Waves' goodbye to Buzz...

Everyone has waited with bated breath to see how google intends taking on social media giants, Facebook with their latest 'venture' into the social media arena - welcome Google +...

So what does all this mean to the average internet user... well pretty much nothing! We will continue to do what we do and the 'interweb' giants will continue to try to find ways to analyse us and predict trends and squeeze web users into convenient little boxes.

However Google+ is interesting, particularly for individuals who spend a lot of time communicating online and have found themselves looking for a means to talk to a smaller group of individuals, for example Work Colleagues or Family without having to communicate with their entire network of friends. This is an exciting development and we'll be watching closely to see how the launch of the Google Plus project impacts on the social media arena.

In terms of what it will do on your website, basically if you're a website owner, you can add a google +1 widget to your website, you will be able to track usage statistics via your Google Analytics control panel.

Google also announced a ‘Social Plugin Tracking in Google Analytics tool’ which allows users of 1 to track social engagement and behaviour changes 1 could account for, social actions like twitter posts and 1 clicks, as well as which pages are attracting the most social interaction.

Once you add the 1 button to your site, you will automatically receive the analytics code needed to use the social plugin tool.

Google have always been innovative in their approach and most of us have used their products in our daily lives. Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, Google Earth and more... If Google Plus is a means to integrate these elements with the individual automatically in control of their privacy options and other personal settings, it just might be the next big thing!

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Buzz - Social Media
Google 'Waves' goodbye to Buzz...